Insect cartoons
insect cartoons

Insect cartoons and cartoon humor about bugs and entomology to use and license in your reports and for your science newsletter or magazine. My cartoons about bugs are ideal for use in social media, on web pages and to use in magazines. I love illustrating all forms of insects from arachnids to worms and also specialize in creating traditional or particular types of cartoons relating to any type of insect. Customizing cartoons is my specialty, so if you are working on a book or have text that lends itself to the bug world, contact me with questions. If you need a quote for something created from start to finish, based on your idea or concept, I can assist. Provide as many in-depth details as would be needed to offer me the concept in creating the perfect insect.

If you have an entomology department with your own social media pages, the cartoon humor I offer can also be licensed on any of your pages to attract and entertain followers and visitors. You may be writing a book that is in need of cartoons to be used for introducing each chapter. Perhaps cute cartoon bugs or a spider cartoon for a thesis on arachnids. Maybe a series of cartoon insects and bugs to attract a reader?Just let me know what you have in mind.  A gallery below offers various samples of my various kinds of insect cartoon humor.

This will give you an idea of what I have available and any of the panels appearing in this gallery can be used in print or digitally! Give me a description of the gag panel that is of interest and I can format that image for your intended usage. Tell me how it will be used so I can give you a reasonable licensing quote to license that specific image.

Any cartoon here can also be re-drawn to your liking if you see anything that can use a bit more modification to suit your needs, just let me know. Thank you for taking the time to browse!