Trade journal cartoons generate additional income for cartoonists

Innovative cartoons add to a cartoonist’s income. If a cartoonist innovative cartoonsuses some basic marketing know-how promoting his innovative picture ideas, it can lead to a steady monthly income. I was able to successfully acquire and add to a steady “stable” of clients who continually used my single panel gag cartoons on a monthly basis.
These aren’t your usual funny marketing cartoons or basic marketing cartoons but this tactic involves slanting your work directly to the topic of the magazine in question. A sample I will share in this article involves a car wash magazine and the editor liked my drawing style enough to ask me if I’d be willing to create a monthly panel for the publication. I was already published in other similar car wash related publications, so I was well versed in writing cartoon ideas relating to this type of publication and negotiated an acceptable price where I basically faxed rough sketches for the editor’s review.

Innovative thinking means innovative cartoons

This same tactic goes on today except now all cartoonists need to do is attach rough sketches for approval and then make any appropriate changes the editor requests, and attach that accepted work in high resolution TIFF format (usually at 300DPI for print publications) and now as cartoonists and illustrators work digitally, those same image files will most likely be saved as high resolution JPEG files so the publisher can use the artwork online and in social media.

Editors need cartoons and cartoon humor

Even though the internet has limited potential income for creatives because of convoluting the market, the potential still exists for cartoonists to negotiate a higher fee for their work, since a greater usage might be applied to any given cartoons they create. In essence, a single cartoon may not just appear in a print version, but also a digital version of that same magazine, including their social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

Cartoonists need to be flexible

Innovative cartoons will be an asset to the flexible cartoonist who knows how to promote this work. An example may be a digital marketing cartoon may appear in print, online and then there is also the fact those innovative cartoonists who have online web portfolios can negotiate with an editor to put their web domain or web address inline, appearing in any cartoons appearing in print….this is surely a way to generate additional visibility and a positive way to promote cartooning services you offer.

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