Cartoonists advertising in illustration source books

Illustrator directory advertising is still recommended in art and creative circles. It is still a doable form of promotion for cartoonists and humorous illustrators.illustrator directory advertising


If you’re a cartoonist thinking of advertising and promoting your services in any specific “sourcebook” or “talent directory”, do your research. Ask for copies to be sent to you from the publisher, to examine and get a feel for.

Illustration directories for cartoon artists

Tell them your plans and they’ll send you a promotional packet along with their rate card to show you current advertising rates for running a page or a spread if you want a bigger bang for your buck.


Many years ago, long before the internet, I purchased page space in these annual books that were distributed to mailing lists they established and the recipients were art and creative directors at publishing companies, magazine publishers and also corporate art directors at Fortune 500 companies and all of the big advertising firms.

How cartoonists can promote their work

The books are printed very slick on high quality glossy stock and anyone who advertises will get a specific number of reprints of the pages he or she runs. Most of the well known illustration directories provide a minimum of 500 sheets but advertisers can request more but you will be charged an extra fee for them.


These additional sheets are provided for the advertisers who have acquired a mailing list and / or group of clients who they want to enhance their visibility with – Simply purchase 500 separate mailing labels which are pre-addressed from a specialized list broker and the cartoonist can then mail out the 500 or so brochures to enhance his or her page in whatever directory is chosen to advertise in. How a cartoonist promotes, will vary but I no longer use these directories simply because of the fact I focus on promoting online through my DansCartoons main site and have been found through that.

Illustrator directory advertising can be costly but a single assignment can recoup a cartoonist’s investment

But for the cartoonist seeking to enhance their visibility through one of these directories, you can find links to all of these publishers, I recommend using the following searches like illustration search or illustrationage or even directory of illustration book. Illustrator directory advertising can be expensive, but many times, cartoonists have received their investment back from receiving a single assignment from advertising in a specific book and many times, illustrator directory advertising can result in creating long business relationships between a cartoonist and client!