Illustration Services

illustration servicesIllustration services can best be defined as simply a service providing illustrations. Those illustrations can cover the entire spectrum, ranging from stock illustration, cartoons, humorous illustrations, children’s illustrations and more. You get the point.

Illustrators and cartoonists seeking assignments

In this digital world, more now than ever, artists, designers, cartoonists and illustrators alike, are vying for chances to get found among the vastness of creativity that’s available on the internet.

How art directors find cartoonists and artists

How is this huge group of creative souls found you may ask? I many times wonder myself! In the days of fax machines and Fedex, we had the talent directories like Workbook, RSVP and so many more. Creative directors at advertising agencies looked forward to each annual edition, as did art directors at design firms, magazine publishing companies and book publishers as well. All these creatives needed to do was pick one of these directories off the shelf when they needed a cartoonist or any illustration services provided, and voila….they could choose anyone.


illustration servicesSome creatives and art directors had favorite illustrators. Others liked mixing things up and chose artists at random or picked someone whose illustration style or cartooning style fit the job or assignment at hand. Other ways in which I personally offered my illustration services was to mail out promotional sheets that these annual directories sent me, which were extra prints of my page (usually an extra 500 sheets) or spreads that’d I’d occasionally purchase.

Sometimes only a basic inquiry for more samples would be generated from my actual page within the directory but the reprint I’d send out may have resulted in a couple of assignments. Sometimes it was the other way around, where my mail-out of tearsheets wouldn’t generate a single inquiry, yet the page itself would result in an assignment!

Illustration design services vary greatly, but if you seek cartoon related book illustration services or seek an illustrator / cartoonist with extensive book illustration experience, keep my work in mind and don’t hesitate to bookmark my portfolio pages and contact me with any specific questions. Much of offering your illustration services in this manner is a crap shoot, and in this day and age I rely totally on my humorous illustration portfolio provided via my web catalog. Thanks for taking the time to glean some insights on my thoughts and what I can offer.