Humorous Book Illustration Service

humorous book illustration serviceWhat can a humorous book illustration service provide? Aside from cartoons and humorous illustrations created, you have complete control. My cartooning services offer you, as an author or consultant the professional freedom to provide me with your ideas and concepts which I will provide rough sketches for you to review.

Providing Your Art Direction Is Very Simple

Let’s assume you have a book chapter with some interesting details or information you want to convey to your intended readers or audience. Now take into consideration the impact that introductory chapter heading would have, if there was actually a series of customized cartoons to go along with all of the chapters in your book. You would get your points across with greater ease of understanding, and your readers would enjoy the story or articles a lot more with custom created illustrations.

Just provide me with a concise a clearly detailed description of what you have in mind for the appropriate illustration. I then create that idea in rough sketch format for your to review. If you like what you see, I then proceed to final inking and then format the humorous illustration or cartoon into a high resolution image file and can size it according to your needs. Normally for print books, I provide image file attachments as TIFFs.  If you need the final art for an E-book, then JPEGs work best. Getting cartoons in your preferred file format is extremely easy and simple.

Pricing For Custom Book Illustrations Varies Based On Usage

Factors such as color, or black & white line art affect the pricing I quote for custom cartoon illustrations. Also if you have a tight deadline, this will add a greater value to the overall quote. Depending on other ways in which you will use the artwork can affect the quote, such as if you’ll use the cartoons in Power Point, on web pages or in CD ROM versions can add a greater intrinsic value. Please specify these uses when making an initial inquiry. My cartoon pricing structures are competitive based on almost 40+ years of illustrating as a fulltime cartoonist. Although I have illustrated a lot of books, I offer flexibility if you can ensure some also. Such as allowing me to keep ownership of the copyrights allowing us to re-negotiate licensing rights at a later time.

For additional information see my cartoon portfolio page and my cartoon book portfolio