Share the power of humor on your website – everybody loves a cartoon

humor cartoon usage

Cartoons Used Online Help To Enhance Page Appearance

Humor cartoon usage means publishing single panel gag cartoons. Humor is one of the most powerful human emotions there is. It is the one thing that connects us all. Everyone enjoys a good belly laugh; and let’s face it, everyone needs to smile at least once a day. Cartoons are a powerful medium which all people can identify with regardless of their age or their nationality. Without even reading the words, everyone recognizes the format and they are immediately curious about what is happening.
We are all compelled by cartoons. We have to know what the punch line is; what the joke is and how does that connect with our lives and our present circumstances. Cartoons allow us a few minutes to escape, and to laugh.

What sorts of things can you expect to see if you use cartoons on your site?

Humor helps build trust and a feelings of connectedness. If people are visiting your site for the first time, they are might be wary of what you have to offer. It doesn’t matter if someone has clicked on an ad or they found your site from an organic search, you only have a few micro seconds to establish a connection with them.
Having a carefully crafted cartoon sitting in a prominent position will allow visitors to see how friendly you are. This will lead them on to wanting to know more about you and your business.

Don’t waste time on flashing ads or banners

Many people are now suffering from what web experts are calling “banner blindness”.

Humor cartoon usage includes gag cartoons

Visitors to your site see the flashing image or the alluring ‘click me’ button but they are responding less and less. Why not engage them with something more meaningful, and brighten their day at the same time? Cartoons can do all this and more! Click here to talk to Dan today.