HTML Flyer Cartoons

HTML flyer cartoons get your flyers noticed and opened! Consider the value of including a cartoon in your next flyer and test it to see what I mean. html flyer cartoonsYou will get a greater “open rate” when your recipient gets an email that includes a cartoon that attracts and impresses your recipient! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by using cartoons in your next email promotion. My cartoons can be utilized as a stand alone image or try something customized if you wish. Just like using gag panel cartoons in hard copy direct mail pieces, my cartoons will generate action.

Whether you’re using Constant Contact or Mail Chimp or any of the other great automated email marketing programs, there are many options to choose from with which a cartoon or cartoons can be used in order to drive traffic to a web site and a product you’re promoting. It’s a unique way to show your intended recipients you have a sense of humor or want to emphasize a point.

Software available for including cartoons in flyers

There are also a lot of free online flyer making software programs that lend themselves well for including graphic content like single panel gag cartoons which I specialize in. When the web progressed in popularity among the marketing community, it was only a matter of time until HTML Flyers gained notoriety.

Cartoons assist in getting recipients to open your flyers

Depending on your product, those on your email list and the type of message you’re going to deliver, you have many options available in using either existing gag panel cartoons that I offer or having some kind of customized humorous illustration created. Have you used cartoons in the past? Do you know the power that a cartoon has and the attention it will generate for your HTML flyer? Take some time to ask yourself these questions and I urge you to try a cartoon and compare the “open rate” on an email you send without using a cartoon and compare that same rate to an HTML flyer you send out by including a cartoon. I think you’ll realize what I mean. Ask any questions by contacting me if you have something in mind and a fast response is guaranteed. HTML flyer cartoons will get you noticed!