Homeless Cartoons About Homelessness

Homeless Cartoons

Homeless cartoons featuring homeless cartoon characters from my catalogs here are a reflection of my perception of homelessness.homeless cartoons Some may seem off base, since I’ve personally never been homeless and can’t imagine what the impact of being homeless is like.

My homeless cartoons offered here are not to make fun but rather make a statement, and try to weave some topics like technology, the economy and other societal issues into the scheme of each cartoon panel.

Homeless people could probably even relate to some of these cartoons if they were to see them. By clicking my featured cartoon homeless person here, you’ll access the various cartoons I’m making available in this category. All panels are of course open to interpretation and can be re-captioned, colorized and even re-drawn should you see something that would benefit your story or article. Possibly changing the words on one of the signs will make a greater impact in getting your message across?

homeless cartoonsOf additional interest that is worth sharing is this article that appeared in Editor & Publisher magazine’s January 12, 1991 issue that pertains to a group of homeless people assigned to sell a new humor publication that was launched called The Funny Paper. I think this may still be a viable circulation model for any possible magazine and it acts as an earnings incentive for those who are homeless.

You’ll note the publication gleaned offerings from various syndicates back then and editorial cartoonists had work featured in the magazine. Even self-syndicated and no syndicated contributors appear in this unique humor magazine. I noted that a publisher in California had the task of actually publishing the magazine but am certain cost cutting could now be handled by a local publisher from a logistics perspective.

Either way, it’s a unique look at innovative ways in which publishers and the homeless worked together in creating and distributing a magazine that offered quality cartoons.