Hitchhiking Cartoons

Hitchhiking cartoons about hitchhikers for use in travel articles or blogs. I have created a lot of cartoons that focus on thumbing a ride. Some of them range from the bizarre, like a sasquatch hitchhiking to Bluff Creek or a data programmer thumbing a ride in Silicon Valley! hitchhiking cartoonsHave you ever hitchhiked or thumbed a ride? I have, and never gave it a second thought. Probably because I was never obsessed with driving at that time in my youth.

I still recall hitchhiking on Christmas eve and it was snowing heavily as I made my way to my grandparents house for their first Christmas in a new house they bought after my grand dad retired. I started out 50 miles away and wasn’t sure anyone would even be out during that time late in the afternoon and it was snowing at a pretty steady pace. As soon as I got up on a clear open stretch, I stuck my thumb out and the first vehicle passing by had stopped. I actually got a ride almost 40 miles to my destination but the ride itself was a bit frightful in that the driver was a long distance trucker who left his semi in the town where I started hitching my ride.

Experiences hitchhiking that could be a cartoon!

This story could be turned into one of my hitchhiking cartoons! Needless to say, the trucker was a bit intoxicated and I was watching the road more than him, as he told me about his travels and he was looking forward to getting back to his family for the holidays. After 30 or 40 miles in a heavy snow, we made it, but after arguing with his wife, he made his son drive me the rest of the way. I really didn’t want to put him out of his way but the son wanted to, to appease his dad I think. And the son genuinely wanted to help me out. It was one Christmas eve I didn’t forget even after many many years but I look back at it as part of my hitchhiking experiences which I did many times as a youngster!

Cartoons about thumbing rides available for licensing

It’s one of many memorable experiences and people I met on the open roads as I occasionally used my thumb for transportation! I’m offering links to a few select gag panel cartoons I have created about hitchhiking. I hope you get a laugh out of them!