High Gas Price Cartoons

high gas price cartoonsHigh gas price cartoons on t-shirts are available on my Zazzle store if you are interested. I sometimes try to promote my Zazzle products individually and what better way than here on the ToonBlog. The cartoon screen grab here will take you directly to the page where you can get my special cartoon t-shirt. Check out my other cartoon gift items while you are on the pages OK?


The cartoon depicts a man with his hands held up high in the air, as though he’s getting robbed….and it’s actually a cartoonish looking fuel pump holding up it’s gas nozzle pointing it in his direction as though it was a gun.


Do you feel like you’re being robbed at the pump? Most everybody does these days. And it will probably continue, since there is an amalgamation of so many elements involved in the high prices of gasoline. You can blame your own state’s taxes, blame the government taxes levied on petroleum….how about a hurricane that caused a lot of refineries to close down….And when you click the image that takes you to the page where this t-shirt is for sale, you can also customize this shirt! Look for that little blue “Customize” button to the upper right of the actual person wearing the shirt.

Probably why I like Zazzle is the fact, you as the customer get that extra added flexibility to customize the product you’re interested in buying….and I can appreciate that! Put your name on the top or bottom of the cartoon, your girlfriend’s name (maybe she is a cashier where the station is located that you get your gas at!)

My Cartoon t-shirts can easily be found on Zazzle, so when you have time, visit the various samples and contact me directly with any questions. You can also use any cartoon from any of my web catalogs on your own t-shirts to promote a gathering, function or an event. So many possibilities are available when it comes to using cartoons on apparel and t-shirts. Thanks for taking time to browse.