Hi Tech Cartoons

hi tech cartoonsHi tech cartoons don’t sound like the newest technological graphics concept. But in 1991, they were being considered on the leading edge of syndicated cartoon content  being offered. Editorial cartoons and political cartoons were normally delivered by mail.

Then came the internet and discombobulated the normal methods of cartoon delivery. Many syndicates and distributors were experimenting with ways to offer their editorial cartoons and syndicated cartoon content.

As you’ll notice, even fax machines were considered the norm in the 1990’s.  This article by David Astor is a reflection of the times and in reading this old Editor & PublisherSyndicates / News Services‘ tear sheet I have, a meeting of the Association Of American Editorial Cartoonists were contemplating the best ways in which to deliver quality cartoons.

Delivering cartoons is mostly by email

It’s yet, another interesting insight into how technology has affected the cartooning business and how cartoons are now delivered from their creators to the syndicates and ultimately to the newspapers and magazines and newsletters (and even web sites) that use them.

Of particular note is where one member of the AAEC told the writerassociation of american editorial cartoonists of this article, that it takes a newspaper a significantly longer amount of time to download an editorial cartoon from a computer than it does to pull it off of a fax machine. Cartooning styles that were less intricate worked great for sending by fax. Those that had alot of detail, didn’t transmit so well! This was written at a time when high speed broadband connectivity and DSL (direct server lines) were in their infancy of course. I recall actually faxing submissions of cartoons to publishers and they’d consider them that way….even accepting certain cartoons right off the fax, putting the artwork onto their high resolution photocopiers and tweaking the cartoons that way. Cartoon delivery methods were still in their infancy back then.

Cartoonists now format their own hi tech cartoons

With Photoshop and almost everyone now connected by hi-speed broadband, the content in this article seems so outdated. Most cartoon editors all request hi resolution image files supplied directly from the cartoonist. I still yearn for the days where alot of magazines and newsletters were being published and publishing bales of cartoons!