Happy Cartoons about happiness

Happy Cartoons

Happy cartoons are my favorite cartoon humor. Whether I’m drawing them as part of my catalog collection of cartoons I offer or happy cartoonsjust parts of cartoon panels I create for my portfolio, I try to infuse alot of happiness within the overall look and appearance of most of my cartoons.

Yes, I know I still have the tendency to create my groggy looking droopy-eye characters who look as though they could care less. But still, they’re all a part of the cartoon realm I am constantly creating.

If you seek cartoons about being happy, maybe some of the cartoons in my collection may be what you’re looking for.  Happy cartoon images that depict smiling dogs and kids graduating from school with a smile on their face can be found in my collection.

Happy Cartoons for books or print projects

Would a smiling space alien walking down the hallway of some high school be considered a happy cartoon? You can be the judge! My panels offered here are also available for colorization and as I’ve stated in previous posts, I can edit any of the captions based on your needs or intended usage. I use Photoshop and can guarantee a fast turn-around and the cartoon can be sized to your preferred column or pixel width. It all depends on how you’ll use the cartoon.

If you have any questions, contact me and I will respond as soon as possible. Need to talk? Email your phone number and the call is on me, no worries.


Happiness can be depicted in many types of cartoons. Even happy zombies! Check that one out if you have time and always remember that cartoons attract attention to any kind of projects. Whether you’re doing a book, it can use cartoons to introduce each chapter. Need a calendar illustrated to promote your business? A new cartoon for each month of the year would be great for just that purpose alone.
You might also want to consider a series of greeting cards or posters about your event, group or company. All of these are valuable platforms from which to get your message out there.

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