Gun Cartoons

gun cartoonsGun cartoons featuring a variety of weapons related humor that ranges from cartoon characters like cowboys firing hand guns or bank robbers using a weapon at a counter in a bank. In this day and age of high rates of crime and gun violence, I decided to share a few of my favorites that are available for reprint.


If you’re writing an article about gun control, gun violence or crime in general, you might want to lighten up the content by adding a little humor to your page layout or presentation. Click the cartoon that will automatically take you to my collection of cartoons and like I’ve mentioned before, all cartoons are available for editing. The gag or caption underneath any artwork can be changed or modified to you specifications.

Gun cartoon humor can be funny if need be

Need cartoons colorized? Not a problem. Tell me what you want color added to, and I can do this as soon as possible, once you tell me which cartoon and how you intend on using it. I can send you a quote based on how you intend on utilizing the image and we can move ahead with the rest of the process. It’s basically that simple!

Samples of gun humor you can decide on

A sample cartoon shows an executive  disciplining an employee who has just shot  a co-worker and the boss yells:

This isn’t what I meant by asking you to be our corporate killer!

I can also edit cartoons and redraw cartoon humor  and just ask questions if you have to ask.

Another sample: A classroom setting shows a student sitting behind another and is firing a squirt gun at the back of his head teasing him while other kids in the class look on and are laughing

There are many more cartoons available in this collection!