Grim Reaper Virus
grim reaper virus

Grim Reaper virus cartoon can be licensed for your professional needs. I seem to lean towards creation of the macabre humor when Halloween starts to come around. Especially considering the fact there is also a pandemic to contend with. Exactly how many have died due to Covid is uncertain. Many of the unfortunate souls who have succumbed are most likely candidates for contracting the disease. In essence, possessing factors relating to comorbidity.

Health issues such as COPD, heart disease, diabetes, obesity and other respiratory ailments will no doubt contribute to the overall death rate. Although how many of those comorbidity factors will be attributed to the more than two hundred thousand deaths is anyone’s guess.

Grim Reaper Cartoons

I have created many grim reaper cartoons if you happen to be searching for some. Don’t see any of them that you like or off topic? Contact me and I can create something under your art instruction where you tell me what to draw. I have created many cartoons over some 40+ years and the topic of a scary or even sometimes goofy looking shrouded character carrying a scythe can be comical looking….especially if he’s being chased by a little weird looking round thing with appendages poking out from all sides!