Graduation Cartoons

Graduation Cartoons

Graduation cartoons immediately come to mind at this time of year especially when I hear so many events mentioned on the radio and listed in the local newspaper.

I’ve done quite a few education cartoons relating to graduating from high school and some relating to college.

Cartoons about graduating are great sources for humor

There is alot of humor that can be found in the ceremony itself. Ranging from over zealous kids, unsure about what the future holds to cartoons depicting high school students debating among themselves or with mom and dad where they intend to go to college – or at the very least where mom and dad think they should attend a university!

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I’m displaying a few graduation and education cartoons here, that were actually custom cartoons for a specific project. I mention this based on my ability to also offer custom graduation cartoons that can be used on your own personalized graduation cartoons.

Another aspect to keep in mind is a possible print ad in your local paper that invites all family and friends to your graduation party….how many people do you know who have had their own custom cartoon illustrated display ad that invites any and everyone to your graduation party?


The same cartoon can also be used on t-shirts you could give away as memorabilia related to the event. This special time in a student’s life can be immortalized through a custom cartoon to commemorate this special event. As a reminder, I can send you any cartoon in this small portfolio if you want to contact me with details as to how it will be used.  Any image in black and white line art can also be colorized, similar to the color techniques I used on the color cartoon included in this group. More cartoons here!

Contact me with any questions, and I can provide more samples upon request!

I offer cartoons such as graduation cartoon clip art and will create funny graduation cartoon pictures that can be done to your specifications since custom cartoons are my specialty.

Thanks for taking the time to visit and if you have any questions regarding the creation of customized graduation cartoon characters, I can assist.