Google Greeting Cards On Zazzle

Google Greeting Card

Not long after writing about my Zazzle cartoon stores, I recently received a google greeting cardnotification about a specific sale from them that a Google greeting card had sold. I’m mentioning this particular cartoon simply because of the unpredictable nature of “sales” in general. That, including the odds at play, in which you never can predict what will sell, when or where.
Years ago, I always kept a large number of my gag panel cartoons in constant circulation. about 1,500 to 2,000 of them at any given time. This created a set of odds that worked in my favor. In no uncertain terms was this procedure making me huge sales in the gag cartoon market, but the key word was “steady”. This same theory can apply to any Zazzle store owner. The more cartoons applied to merchandise, the better your odds of selling something at any given time.

Cartoon makes fun of Google

This steady flow of incoming sales also resulted in ancillary requests to reprint specific cartoons. This was not an often occurring aspect to what I was doing….but on occasion it was nice to get requests to reprint a cartoon by a larger textbook publishing company.

Photo editors and picture editors seeking cartoons at publishing companies

Many of those publishers employed photo editors and freelance picture editors who continually scoured the print market, who sought potential graphics to accompany articles and various projects their publishers were putting together. Mind, there was no internet to go to in those days, so if you readily and consistently had a lot of work in circulation and it was getting published on a rather steady basis, you had opportunities for your work getting special reprint requests.

Zazzle store owners have also reported that they’ve had separate requests about their cartoons appearing in the Zazzle image algorithm. These days with the internet so embedded in the world of graphics, you just never know what your own work may generate in the way of attention!