Goofy cartoons depicting cartoon characters that look goofy

Goofy cartoons are a type of cartoon I’ve got a proclivity for drawing. I need to sometimes try and avoid this tendency as those kinds of characters don’t lend themselves to the “mainstream look”. goofy cartoonsBy using the term goofy cartoons I’m referring to the actual look or “goofy” appearance.

I’m certain you’ve noticed my droopy eye lid looking characters with the fat bulgy noses? The crazed look in their faces with only whisps of hair on top their heads? Or the mouths agape with their tongues hanging out?

Goofy or serious cartoons?

It’s a tendency more than anything and when I “free style” sketch my cartoons in a sketch book or on loose leaflets, I drift off towards creating these goofy cartoons and characters. Mind you, I’m okay with it all, I just need to train my thinking to create cartoon characters that look a bit more dignified. Or “main stream” as I said earlier.

By dignified, I really mean to say a typical looking gag panel cartoon character like those you see in the New Yorker cartoons. The “dotted” eyes as opposed to the round, bulgy looking circular eyes I draw on so many of my characters.

I’ve also said that these types of single panel cartoons are part of my forte so to speak…a part of my repertoire. However, they can be difficult to get published in magazines with a more serious message.

A tendency towards “serious” looking cartoon characters sell better for most magazine / newsletter publishers

I’m there fore torn in producing cartoons that are a bit more “serious” in the way the characters appear. You may notice the bank cartoons I create are a bit more serious looking in the way each of the characters appear…sometimes wearing a suit and tie or in a three piece suit, eye glasses etc.

Do you draw goofy cartoon characters?

If you keep a sketch book handy, and you continually sketch in it, and you have this same tendency, it would be interesting to hear your own thoughts. I think for the most part, you “sketch as you feel”…I guess that says a lot about my mood most of the time. I can’t take this business too seriously.