Generating cartoon assignments requires aggressive self promotion

Generating cartoon assignments is done through various forms ofgenerating cartoon assignments self promotion.  As many freelance cartoonists can attest, it isn’t easy to get a foothold in the business of freelance cartooning.

You have to set out on your own, and use various ways in which to reach cartoon editors and art directors who you think will like your drawing style enough to actually assign cartoon work.

You may be extremely talented at drawing cartoons. In fact you may even have graduated with a nice degree from an art school to bolster your talent.

Cartooning assignments result from cartoonists who advertise their availability

It still isn’t going to guarantee you a steady flow of inquiries to illustrate special projects. Cartoonists need to use self promotional techniques to their advantage in order to get “work”. How, you ask?

There are ways, and here are some I’ve used.

  • Email blasts to the art / creative directors at advertising agencies
  • Hard copy color glossy brochures mailed to editors at book publishing companies
  • Promotional brochures with samples of gag cartoons sent to editors at magazines
  • Purchasing page space in special illustration directories
  • Cold calling art directors on the phone – art directors could be in any commercial area

There are also many other options of getting your work out there and making your “services available” to the right people.

Cartoonists may also get assignments from doing interviews

One particular way is doing cartoonist interviews either with magazine publishers or with bloggers. The magazines could cater to associations or consultants.

Think about it…you do an in-depth one or two page interview with a magazine that also runs a couple samples of your cartoons with the article and then a link is provided to your web site or online cartoon portfolio.

This in a sense, is ideal. I acts as a form of advertising in every sense of the word. And you’d be surprised at how many editors may take you up on such a proposal if you approach them.

This same concept can work with bloggers. Mainly bloggers who write about the advertising business, or authors who write blog content for consultants.  Once you do interviews like these, they’ll stay in print and online for a long time and this will work in your favor.