Gahan Wilson

Gahan Wilson

gahan wilsonGahan Wilson passed away but his work leaves a lasting legacy. I won’t post any samples of his work so as to avoid potential copyright infringement. However if you’re any kind of cartooning fan, you will certainly recognize Gahan’s work. I first saw many of his cartoons in National Lampoon and Playboy and his work leans more to the macabre.

Cartoons About The Macabre

Like Charles Addams, his work will take you to the center of what his mind really works like….weird! Many of us creatives are attracted to fellow creative’s work and Gahan Wilson always created cartoons that took your imagination for a ride. Many times his cartoons acted as inspirational brain germs for cartoon concepts I came up with….not as great, but I rendered them as best I could in my own special way.

As mentioned, I don’t need to post his cartoons as so many of his panels are available on the internet. His Playboy cartoons are epic. Here is a great interview on Letterman’s program that will give you an insight into his sense of humor and how he gets his ideas. He passed away in Scottsdale, Arizona at the age of 89 on November 21st 2019.

If you are new to the world of cartoon humor, take some time to browse his books and the various online collections of material he’s created . . . you’ll be astounded. If you’re a cartoonist who is just starting out, you’ll definitely be inspired!

He was also a regular featured cartoonist for The New Yorker and many other magazines including books and exhibits. His family reported last year that he was suffering from dementia-type symptoms and was still creating cartoons when he had the ability to do so.

Just like a cartoonist, seeing through all the bad in order to do what creatives do best! Godspeed to Gahan and his family. He leaves a legacy of material for those of us to study and enjoy.