Gag panel cartoons have been a mainstay in cartoon humor

Gag panels are single panel cartoons that appear in magazines, newsletters and trade journals.

You no doubt, have stumbled upon these unique comic panels when perusing the pages of your favorite magazine.

Many magazine editors have used them to highlight specific articles in special issues, or they have simply used them as “filler” material.

Gag panel cartoons have been the gateway into cartooning for many cartoonists.

Some of today’s best known syndicated cartoonists like Mort Walker who draws Beetle Bailey or Ted Key who illustrated the popular Hazel cartoon were magazine cartoonists.

Many of today’s top syndicated artists began with gag cartooning

Gag panels have reached a certain status with specific magazines like the New Yorker. New Yorker cartoons are well known in the publishing realm as being the epitome of comic humor.

Other magazines like Playboy made a point to feature the cream ofgag cartoons the crop when it came to gag cartoons and those cartoonists whose work appeared in the magazine had attained a level of cartooning similar to those who were contracted by big newspaper syndicates.

Some cartoonists have made freelance gag cartooning a full time profession due to their ability to send out hundreds of cartoons and continually keep them circulating to a regular list of clients they gradually acquired over time.

Shotgun cartooning involving gag panel cartoons

gag panelsThis method, known as “shotgun cartooning” can be lucrative for the cartoonist who plans his or her client base carefully.

In the current digital age when many cartoonists offer their gag cartoon ideas for licensing, there is also the potential for thieves to copy and use these illustrative cartoons and images without the cartoonist’s knowledge.

The creators of gag panel cartoons have to be vigilant based on this, and be knowledgeable in the areas of licensing cartoons and copyright laws.

Gag panels may be the ultimate form of cartoon humor created by cartoonists

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