Funny doctor cartoons

Funny doctor cartoons will make your readers laugh. If not laugh, atfunny doctor cartoons least put a smile on their face! Are you an editor?

Are you in the web design business? Have you sought funny medical cartoons to use in your print or digital projects?

My funny doctor cartoons and medical cartoon humor are at your disposal for use in a variety of projects ranging from medical cartoon calendars, medical cartoon books, medical cartoons for websites and much more.

Humorous doctor cartoon humor

My cartoon here, featuring a doctor dressed up as a jester ala “Patch” Adams is one of many cartoons about funny doctors I make available throughout my selection of medical cartoons.

Take some time to browse through the collection and don’t forget I offer you flexibility in that my cartoon humor is open to editing and modifying. I will improve any particular cartoon you see, to your specifications.

If there is anything that you see which has potential for colorization, I can do so by adding color and then re-captioning the artwork. You might have a better caption in mind for nay cartoons in the catalog and just tell me what you want to have done…no problem.

My cartoons have appeared throughout many of the various medical magazines out there at one time or another. Especially in association magazines and regional medical journals and publications.

Doctor dressed like jester cartoon

This doctor dressed like a jester is telling a nurse: “I’ve decided to cure illness with a little humor!” cartoon has been available for licensing and can be used in your projects also.

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