Family Cartoons Ebook

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Family Cartoon Ebook

Funny Cartoons For The Entire Family is my first collection of family related cartoons  which is available on Amazon and features a total of 194 cartoons I created that are in full color. My cartoon ebook is also available on other book purchasing platforms and I wanted to offer images I felt would appeal to most people with a sense of humor. Alot of the cartoon material throughout the collection features humor between animals and people and their pets, since pet cartoons are also another favorite of mine. I think this light hearted collection of material will appeal to anyone out there and can easily be downloaded onto your e-reader or other devices.

Cartoon Ebooks Can Also Act As Portfolios

I initially assembled my cartoon ebook as a “traditional” electronic offering but the book can also be considered a cartoon portfolio of sorts. Ebooks are now so inexpensive, and should an art director or creative person seek portfolio samples to consider for their next assignment, my “tome” is available for your download and consideration. Over as many years in the cartooning business, I have illustrated many books and had my single panel cartoons used in text books and other educational manuals.

Funny Cartoons For The Entire Family Ebook

I’ve created custom cartoons and humorous illustrations for authors, consultants, comedians, writers  and business professionals including having created custom introductory cartoons for various Chicken Soup For The Soul  books which are all on The New York Times Best-Seller list. Cartoons appearing in various books I have illustrated can be found on Amazon. Note some of the books have cover illustrations designed by me also.

Funny Cartoons Can Be Created For Your Own Book Projects

If you seek custom cartoon book illustration services, just contact me with any questions and we can discuss via email or via phone if you have a number I can reach you at. Many textbook publishers such as John Wiley & Sons, Pearson Education, Cengage Learning, Harcourt and overseas branches for these companies have reprinted my work. More professionals involved in the publishing business now realize the impact and value that custom cartoons and humorousfunny-cartoons illustrations offer in order to get your message across. Most topics lend themselves well for having an illustration created to introduce the beginning of each chapter or to introduce a certain character that comes into play in certain sections of a book. Cartoons are also ideal of course, for using in a traditional picture book.