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funny cartoonistsFunny cartoonists proliferate on the web these days. Who is your favorite cartoonist who draws the goofiest characters? Have you got one? Does a name come to mind when the term “funny cartoonists” is mentioned? For me, the first name that drops in my head is none other than Don Martin of Mad magazine. Done passed away years ago, but his unique drawing style of curly haired, droopy-eyed characters  resonated with me somehow. When they strolled across the page from panel to panel, the tips of their feet “floppped”.

Funniest cartoonists are illustrating for all media

Oh, and don’t get me started on his sound effects. Too numerous to mention, but they’re classic! I bet you can Google “Don Martin cartoon sounds” and you’ll get something! One comic strip page that come to mind is a hippy sitting at a table eating a bowl of soup….he is slurping each spoonful enjoying his broth until the very end and empties the soup bowl . . does anyone remember what happens next? He grabs his scraggly beard and wrings it like it was a mop and more soup comes out of his beard and seeps into the bowl. Remember that? Only a good Mad magazine and Don Martin cartoon fan would!

Funny cartoonists will make an impression on young people

I still to this day think of it and recall it to a tee…it made that sort of indelible impression on my medulla oblongata as so many other cartoons of his had done. As a cartoonist and cartoon and comics aficionado, other funny cartoonists also are part of my childhood, from comic strip cartoonists to super heroes, but the audacity of the pantomime cartoons or captionless cartoons has stuck with me and impressed me to the point I draw them in my sketchbook to this very day.


Stretching the boundaries of facial expression and limits allowable only on paper. How lucky are we to be able to physically draw goofy characters and cartoons we enjoy? Are you? I know I am! Thanks for taking time out to drop by my small page and if you have a favorite cartoon, comic strip or comic character that impressed you when you first got into cartoons and comics, drop me a line using my contact form. There just may be a new blog post I can write in regards to your favorites!