Cartoon calendar features full color cartoons for each month

funny cartoon calendarsFunny cartoon calendars can easily be found when searching them online and I just created my own cartoon calendar for sale that you can easily purchase via my online Zazzle store.


I chose some of my favorite single panel cartoons out of my catalogs and when you browse through the samples, you’ll notice I’ve devoted specific cartoons like my Barry White cartoon where he appears as Cupid! It’s designated for the month of February which of course has Valentine’s day.

The October cartoon offers up my infamous witches making a deep dish pizza using one of their cauldrons . . . ideal for Halloween! The cool aspect of Zazzle’s calendars that they offer for sale, is they allow you to view each cartoon for each month by scrolling up and down through a verticle strip of thumbnails devoted to each month of the year.

Cartoons on calendar can easily be reviewed month to month

Note that this viewing strip is along the left side of the page and a larger image appears in the middle of that Zazzle page where the potential buyer can click a + icon to enlarge the page.


I personally like this feature because it helps the customer make a quicker decision as to whether or not the product suits them and how well their friends and family will receive  the item.

Funny cartoon calendars reveal you have a sense of humor

Ultimately it depends on you the buyer though, which is why I’ve made certain this calendar will appeal to you. I’ve created many cartoon calendars and this one is another of my favorites because of the quality of the product.

It’s spiral bound and printed on excellent quality stock paper which can last for ages if you decide to display it in a prominent place in your home. It will hopefully act as a great conversation piece along with showing your family and friends you have a sense of humor