Funniest cartoons

My funniest cartoons are hard to pin down. Nor do I have any favorites that I’ve created. I say this from an honest standpoint and from having created a steady stream of work for about 40 years as of funniest cartoonsthis writing.

I’m never drawing something that I truly like enough, and enjoy so much that I think “hey, this one’s great…I’m claiming this as a favorite”.

I just can’t. Maybe if I was a comic strip creator or drew a certain feature day in and day out I could lay claim to having one or more that I enjoyed doing.

I guess I’ve treated what I do as a business for so long, I look at it all from a different perspective.

By going through my archive or slush pile I think there are certain panels I look at and see some kind of satisfaction from having created them.

Cartoon humor can be funny or make a statement

Maybe the gag is just right, the look on a character’s face in the overall cartoon itself might appeal to me more than others I’ve done. But really, favoritism for specific cartoons I’ve created is so far out the window to me.

Saying one cartoon is the “funniest’ per se, wouldn’t be fair I don’t think. Many panels I’ve created, were done to simply make a statement. I’ve included elements of humor or “funny” in the concept.

Specific elements make a cartoon funny

Perhaps a bulging nose on a character, or another character with wild looking eyes or hair flying in every direction. Drawing cartoons like that is fun and I get my creativity piqued and amped  up when creating cartoons like that.

But back the point of which of the thousands of cartoons in my archive is the funniest could never be answered!