Fun cartoons that are fun to draw

Fun cartoons. What constitutes them? What do you consider makes a cartoon “fun”? I have fun creating cartoons and enjoying the creative process of cartooning, but  fun cartoons in my mind, are those which are gag panel cartoons or comic strip creations that show various elements. Some of those elements include:

  • Action. This alone, like goofy facial expressions can say alot
  • Color. I’ve talked before, how color cartoons attract the reader
  • Free hand illustrated cartoons. Sometimes these create better looking cartoons
  • Mouths open, tongues hanging out – bulgy looking eyes
  • Sweat drops. Profuse excessive sweat drops can denote action
  • Word balloons. included in cartoons can show exclamation marks
  • Goofy looking cartoon characters make for a fun cartoon


There are other elements but these are the primary ones I employ in my cartoons that make them fun to draw and ultimately fun to look at and absorb! Alot of cartoons I create that are custom cartoons don’t always turn out like I expect.

Cartoons that are fun to draw include those with action

I say this, because a majority of those drawings are based on the “vision” or concept of another person and they sometimes are serious in nature….they want the artwork (including characters, background setting and appearance) to have a certain feel in order to have it appeal to their audience.

Fun is funny!

In a sense, I’m “toiling” over these cartoons plus offering to make improvements and modifications to those specific images, so in a sense, they’re not “fun” per se.

Overall, I create these for enjoyment and emphasizing a point or to relay a message to the reader. But if I am having fun creating the cartoon, it will show in the overall image.  The characters in my cartoons will be fast moving, showing action and excitement and will show lots of movement.