Fulltime cartoonists are comic strip creators and gag cartoonists

I am amazed at the number of fulltime cartoonists who worked infulltime cartoonists the business when technology was in it’s infancy.

I’m reminded of this as I read through old copies of Syndicates / New Services I kept for inspiration.

I wanted to share this particular sample page from Editor & Publisher magazine that touched upon various aspects of the cartooning business during that time.

Many reader surveys were reflecting how popular well known comic strips were at that time. Bil Keane’s Family Circus pulled in many top votes to make it a favorite out in the Worcester Telegram & Gazette out in Massachusetts.

Cartoonists were not fully digital or online at this time

Many of the most popular one like For Better Or For Worse, Peanuts and Garfield also followed suit, including Blondie. Smaller syndicates also proliferated in their quest to supplying content to the newspaper publishing market.

Continental Features / Continental News Service was offering an interesting column entitled ‘Robert J. Parillo at Large’ that focused on geo political events of the time.

I recall this syndicate because I offered them a self syndicated cartoon feature I was promoting.

Self syndicated cartoonists were readily available

I believe it was around the time I was using this magazine’s classified advertising section as a platform to promote my packages of cartoons.

Self-syndicating cartoons was a viable option back then, as is evidenced by this other notice on the same page for a feature called ‘Izzy’s Isle’ which was provided in the form of a weekly humor strip.

Offering cartoons on a weekly basis was very coducive to the market this way, since so many weekly newspapers were out there and always were a potential customer for a cartoon per week, or even a column per week that many writers and authors specialized in.

As I sift through this cartoon related article material, I’ll profile more in future ToonBlog posts. Articles concerning a famous editorial cartoonist maybe, or possibly the best political cartoonists around that time who were doing or promoting an event.

Just keep an eye peeled as I share future cartoonist related news stories. Thanks for taking the time to stop by and as always, keep laughing!