Full-Time Cartooning
full time cartooning

Full time cartooning is a question I am often asked about and how can someone become a full time cartoonist. I sometimes cringe upon hearing this question and my reason is based on certain factors. One of the factors usually involves someone who is quitting a certain job and wanting to try their hand at cartooning (pun intended!). Or they may be reaching or nearing retirement and want to earn extra income.

Full time cartooning also requires an interest in drawing

You ask why I may cringe upon hearing this. My first impulse is “can you draw?” Not that being a cartoonist requires a degree in fine art. I don’t personally hold my work in high regard. Although I enjoy what I do and I have invested a lot of time in honing the craft, establishing a reasonable looking and sellable drawing style, I always wonder why at a later stage in life, someone wants to get into cartooning.

From my own personal perspective on the business of cartooning, I think anyone involved in this business should possess a certain inherent interest in the actual desire to create drawings and cartoons. It ought to be first and foremost in someone’s creative repertoire. In essence, they should have started drawing during childhood.

The desire to draw is a very important element

The desire to draw. I began drawing at an early age….five years old I believe. My mom bought me hard cover picture books of dinosaurs and all of the unique looking creatures ranging from the brontosaurus to pterodactyls mesmerized me….I remember sketching these and more things I was encountering in daily life.

In essence, I think if you liked to draw from the start, it is an indication you were actually meant to be a cartoonist. I cannot fathom someone just thinking they want to get into this business without any interest  in drawing, prior to wanting to get into the business. It just doesn’t make sense. Although if such is the case, you need to invest A LOT of time in establishing a drawing style.