Fright cartoons about being frightened

fright cartoons

Fright cartoons are prevalent throughout DansCartoons. Why? Because they involve emotions and when it comes to emotions, fright or any exaggeration thereof is my favorite form of cartooning expression. Have you noticed my characters ‘bug eyes’ when they are encountering a surprising situation?

Have you seen the sweat beads I draw around my cartoon characters when I show them in harried situations? Notice how I draw them when they become extremely agitated? It’s almost as though I am drawing me, in a scenario I would personally find scary or unnerving or basically frightening.

To help understand, I’ve assembled a basic selection of fright cartoons for your convenience so I can verify what I’m saying here. These fright cartoon panels would make a great addition to any presentation that’s being put together in regards to dealing with nerves or nerve wracking situations. Sometimes good humor like cartoons will help make a lot of sense to an audience or a readership you want to get your point across to.

Fright cartoons involving frightening situations

By clicking the cartoon you’ll be taken to a  selection of single panel gag cartoons that pertain to the topic of fright. These situations involve everything from a youth in a juvenile court to an EMT rescuing a frightened dog out of a tree . . .  not to mention a frightened dog reading Stephen King’s book Pet Sematary!

Emotions of fright portrayed in gag cartoons!

The scenarios are so different from one another yet so unique and varied. I’ll recreate any specific image I offer from this selection and any other selection of cartoons! Cartoons are negotiable and I incorporate a philosophy of “flexible cartooning practices” when it comes to offer you high quality cartoons and illustration services so contact me with any kinds of questions about a cartoon you would like to have modified or use in a certain way, other than what I stipulate in the licensing information here at DansCartoons.


Oh, and try not to let my cartoons scare you too much . . . I am here for you!