Freelance cartoonist offers cartooning services on a self employment basis

Freelance cartoonist can define what a cartoonist does. It can be a plethora of applications. Are you a freelancer? What defines your discipline?freelance cartoonist

To me, personally, becoming a freelancer meant approaching full time cartooning with a vim and vigor. Applying myself as best I knew how.  It began mainly with gag cartooning and the constant mailing out of single panel cartoons to as many magazines, newsletters and other specialty publications as I could.

Freelance cartooning can easily be attained by a cartoonist with desire

Being a freelance cartoonist in this day and age of digital technology could mean you’re focusing your efforts on web designers possibly. Think about it. There are literally tens of thousands of web designers alone, who could use the services of a freelance cartoonist!

Whether you want to offer them your abilities to design banners or cartoon related logos . . . just that slant alone (web design), could offer the cartoonist just starting out, a good foot hold in establishing his or her cartooning career.

How do you find these potential users of your services? Simple, join a web design forum, look on LinkedIn (there are thousands of web design specialist there!), search on Google. You have so many options at your fingertips.

Freelancing for various publishers who appreciate cartoons

If you’re entering the field of freelance cartooning, this same philosophy could apply to finding book publishers who might be interested in your cartoon services.

You could also pinpoint several high profile magazine publishers, get their editorial mailing address and mail in some had copy submissions of you single panel gag cartoons for their consideration.

Don’t forget, there are advertising agencies that might be interested in your work. Find the names of creative and art directors of these agencies and mail them a postcard with samples of your cartoons.


There is so much potential out there, you just have to motivate yourself and go look for it. This is exactly the way I did it and so did so many of the other more well-known cartoonists out there, whose work you’ve come to recognize.