Freehand cartooning techniques on drawing cartoons

My freehand cartooning techniques are used in the various cartoon videos I have online.

freehand cartooning techniquesMy usual technique when creating gag cartoons is to meticulously create a pencil rough sketch. If I’m satisfied with the layout and appearance of the artwork, I usually go over the rough artwork in ink and then let it dry and clean off the pencil lines with a soft rubber eraser.

Sometimes I’ll take time on the way these cartoons are roughed in, depending on the client.

Other times I may reposition characters or the overall setting in the rough pencil sketch before I ink it in.

As I always say, cartooning to me, is meant to be “fun”, so I try to never obsess that much over any specific work.

Creating a cartoon free hand!

If you acquire a certain number of clients, you really have no time to actually obsess. There may be someone to email you requesting a color cartoon they need as soon as possible!

So basically, I learned to keep a somewhat loose style and apply this throughout the cartoon production of the day, the week or the month.

The cartooning videos I show here, were created a few years ago, but the same philisophy applies, a look at a blank sheet of paper and try to envision the scenario in my mind where the beginning layout of the characters or elements of a cartoon will work best.

Freehand cartoon sketching

Once I start drawing a cartoon, I try to keep the flow going. A certain rhythm.
This discipline for me, takes time to develop, and sketching cartoons in a sketch book is always an important factor. Keep in mind that the cartoonist’s tool box includes a sketch book!

Try drawing and sketching and adding cartoons in sketchbooks because it builds a form of “cartooning confidence” and helps you maintain and / or develop your style.

None of this of course is meant as a tutorial in any sense of the word but more of sharing my own cartooning techniques.

I hope this helps to understand how cartoon styles can be developed and how I create my own single panel gag cartoons. It can really be lots of fun! Visit my cartooning videos to get an idea on my freehand cartoon techniques!