Free Style Cartooning

Free Style Cartooning
free style cartooning

Lots of new cartoons are being created but I look back at some of the simplest and best, which I do using a basic free hand technique or “free style cartooning” technique. Drawn spontaneously with no rough sketching, blue lines or pencils. Those require more focus, effort and time.

Free Style Cartooning Video

One of my favorite cartoons I created many years ago was a basic beagle sitting in front of his food bowl that I rendered in the course of a few minutes. It may appear more complicated looking . . . I mean the actual finished artwork, since it is colorized using Photoshop, cropped and sized to fit the page and so forth. But most artists and cartoonists will agree with me that using “free style” or free hand sketching is sometimes the best way in which to render or draw an idea. Visit my free style cartooning video to see how I rendered the initial artwork.

I actually archived this one particular cartoon via a video and am sharing that on this particular page in this post here and it ought to provide some insight and maybe if anything, give you more inspiration to try your own freehand sketching. Buy a box of sharpies or any kind of markers for that matter.

That actual drawing stool isn’t the point. It’s what you’re working with and what you’re comfortable in using that counts. Have at it! Enjoy, and be creative. Take one of those cartoons and flop it onto your scanner….open it in Photoshop and drop in some colors.

Use vivid bright colors and get an idea on how Photoshop can accentuate your work. What colors work best to bring your work out and what style seems to work best for you. Whether you use a dip pen in an inkwell or a marker, move forward and then review what you’ve done.

If you’re not comfortable with that, try something else….maybe a brush dipped in India ink! There are so many varied techniques to try….that’s the point. Don’t feel what you’re doing is your “final”aspiration! That’s why drawing cartoons is so much fun….you will find your niche eventually!

As with most techniques, freestyle cartoons and comics you create will add to your repertoire of material. Having a diverse style can assist in acquiring cartooning jobs that are so vital to a cartoonist’s income!