Frankenstein Cartoons

frankenstein cartoonsFrankenstein cartoons available for web or print projects! Halloween is almost here again and it’s time to recap some of my cartoons that are available here on the ToonBlog. By clicking the cartoon that shows an over excited mad doctor pulling the switch to give life to his monster, you’ll see a bunch of other similar gag cartoons.

I can also illustrate similar cartoons for any personal projects if you’re planning an event for Halloween, or putting together a national print advertising campaign that needs a similar types of cartoons.  Contact me with feedback and questions.

Drawing Frankenstein cartoons was a good lesson in cartooning

My affinity in creating these kinds of cartoons goes way back to when I was a little kid and would create similar looking cartoon characters out of monster magazines that were popular back in the day. Many publishers also did sets of bubble gum cards with characters like The Werewolf, Creature From The Black Lagoon and so many others. These were great reference tools to practice my drawing skills!

Monster cartoons can be customized for you!

Those drawing sessions I experimented on were a phenomenal self-made training course for me! I say this, because of the fright factor that got me into creating a lot of other kinds of cartoons including vampire cartoons, zombie cartoons and all the rest. By offering you these cartoons, perhaps you’ll see some that look better with color on them and I also can color cartoons upon request. Some of my Frankenstein cartoons are already colorized as you’ll see, which ought to provide good insight into my colorizing capabilities. Thanks for stopping by the ToonBlog and hope my Frankenstein cartoons didn’t scare you away!