Flu cartoons about influenza and getting sick

Flu cartoons available. I sit here writing this with a severe case of influenza cartoonsthe flu. Have you contracted this nasty creeping crud before?

Have you dealt with some unknown form of virus permeating your blood stream that leaves you with out an ounce of energy?


I’ve always taken pride that my immune system is rather strong. So many flu seasons have come and gone where I have never gotten this sick.

What better way to reiterate the availability of my flu cartoons, than write a little about my symptoms. A couple of nights ago, I felt a strong “constriction” across my chest.

A tip off that something was coming on for sure. The real tell tale signs I had contracted something was the fact I had zero energy.

Influenza cartoons about flu viruses

flu cartoonsNo motivation whatsoever! Ultimately I was convinced it was the flu when I looked out the window and the light glaring in off the new fallen snow actually hurt my eyes!

I tried avoiding that by looking at the news on television, when even the glare from the television set hurt my eyes!

I never wanted to get an annual flu vaccination because I always felt that if I did get the flu, my immune system would deal with it at that time.

To get the shot, you’ll be inviting the virus into your system and actually making your body expect to get sick each year. By missing a vaccination, you’ll get even sicker. Maybe I am thinking about this all wrong.

Custom flu and influenza comics can be created for your project

The point is, even though I am sick, as of this writing, it was the ideal time to remind you that I also have flu related cartoons available for your next project.

Whether you’re a hospital consultant conducting a seminar about this annual scourge, or you are writing a book about influenza, keep me and my services in mind for your next project.

Hopefully by the time you are reading this, my creeping crud, along with cold sweats will have entirely left and I’ll be foot loose and fancy free to help you in any of your cartooning needs!