Florida Cartoons

florida cartoonsFlorida cartoons come to mind when I’m reminded of all the recent calamity hurricane Irma has caused across the Sunshine State. I have great memories creating custom Florida cartoons for a contract client I worked with. He would call me and fax ideas that related to current news topics that dominated the news there. Especially agricultural related news. I’m sharing an in depth portfolio of cartoons about Florida in this post that I hope will associate you with my illustration style.

Years ago when I was continuously promoting my cartooning services to publishers and magazine editors, I received an inquiry from a newspaper called Floridagriculture. The newspaper was published by the Florida Farm Bureau and I developed a professional business relationship with the editor there. In fact the managing editor also liked my illustration style.

They would contact me each month with  cartoon ideas for custom cartoons they would need. I’d sketch up the concept and send them the rough sketch by fax and they’d review it.

Afterwards, the editor would tell me what to add in the cartoon or delete from the cartoon or what to modify. I would do all of these changes and then re-fax the artwork to him and he’d usually “OK” the artwork for publication. Final accepted art would be Federal Expressed for next day delivery or if there was a tight deadline or some unseen circumstance that they needed the cartoon immediately, they’d take the final faxed artwork, highlight the settings on a photocopier and supply that copy for their layout person.

Cartoons about the Sunshine State

The latter technique wasn’t unusual, since many magazines had done this with my gag cartoons in the past. In fact, I could tweak my transmission settings on my end, and send the fax in high resolution mode which took a bit longer to feed through the machine and send but it was a great technology for it’s time.

Custom cartoons about Florida for any usage

I’m offering custom Florida cartoons to any authors, consultants, editors and art directors in the Sunshine State. If you have a special project in mind, don’t hesitate to ask questions by contacting me.

You may be writing a book on Florida humor, so keep in mind that custom cartoons about Florida can be created under your art direction. I’m including a small gallery here, so you get an idea of some illustrations and cartoons about Florida which could be licensed for your project, or I could re-draw or colorize any images I am making available here. Thanks for visiting!

Cartoon gallery of Sunshine State cartoon humor