FrontPage 2002 – Service.lck File Corruption Fix

web design cartoonFrontpage2002 web editing program is no longer being supported by Microsoft nor are they updating any servers who host web sites built using this software. I was compelled to write a bit about this dilemma when recently encountering a problem during a publishing event I had difficulty with. For those wondering why I am writing on a WordPress platform about a Frontpage problem, it’s because I previously built several other web sites using the now antiquated program that I just don’t have the time to rebuild and re-launch and have decided to let those older sites propogate as they are. However the sites do have an aged URL, do have affiliate advertising that generates an ancillary income, not to mention the are useful in the sense they provide inbound links to other sites I work with.
If you’re a steadfast and devoted Microsoft Frontage devotee, I did discover a fix which did work for me. At first, I kept getting an annoying pop up when I built a certain page and then saved it and ultimately tried publishing. The note said I need to verify my permission settings in FP due to the “service.lck” file that wasn’t allowing me to publish. I then contacted my web host who verified my FP server extension were activated plus they did say everything else was working within the specific site I was trying to publish to. They did some research and told me about a set of instructions on how to fix the service.lck corrupted files. After following the steps within these instructions, I discovered I could not delete them based on information here because I was using the newer Windows 8.1 Professional for my operating system. Note, at the very bottom of that article it indicates removing the files from the actual server…which prompted me to reconnect with the tech support at the web hosting company.
They in turn contacted me and said they renamed those two files and I should try to publish the intended page again….which I had done, to no avail!
Realizing I am using Windows 10, they have the built-in search function that allows you to search your entire system so I naturally looked for “service.lck” which did turn up in the results (there were a couple of them!). I right-clicked and dropped down and renamed the top one “1service.lck” thinking if anything, if it was deleted, it would mess up the site but if I renamed it, at least I still had it. So I did just that. I then rebooted the entire system, opened up FrontPage and tried publishing to the site I had the problem with a voila…it worked. So, this WordPress blog post is for those die hard FrontPage aficionados who may be encountering this same problem:

#1. ask your host to RENAME those service.lck files on their server
 #2.  on your machine, search for “service.lck” and rename those folders
 #3.  reboot your machine and reopen FrontPage 2002 and republish

If all goes well, this short work around ought to help. In step #2, simply use a renaming such as “1service.lck” to be on the safe side. You’ll still have the file in case something might go wrong (which I doubt), since there were other “service.lck” files that resulted in follow up searches which I had deleted off my system. I assumed those were corrupted and not needed. Good luck with your own endeavors if you’re encountering this same problem and feel free to comment here with a follow up, it would be interesting to share your added tweaks and fix if it’s helped you.
FrontpPage2002 was the first web design program I used because at that time, it was one of the most popular wysiwyg (what you see is what you get) tools for a newbie and I used it to build my first web catalog of cartoons. It had great built in components for photo galleries that were useful in organizing my cartoon panels in a searchable portfolio and database….not to mention Microsoft updated hosting companies with patches and fixes including software updates for users. Alas, over time, they began to phase out the software for new improved programs not to mention the overwhelming competition from other platforms and of course, they no longer updated the software. However, if you still intend to use it, this will hopefully assist in fixing the issue. I hope it does!