Fishing Cartoons Get You Hooked On Humor

fly fishing cartoonFishing cartoons have always been an aspect of  my cartooning output I’ve focused on. Whether it’s doing cartoons about anglers in general or cartoons about fish talking or any other scenario, I’ve illustrated it.  Magazines which have published my cartoons about anglers include Michigan Outdoors magazine, Outdoor News, Western Outdoors, Lake N Trail magazine, Western Sportsman and Land O’ Lakes magazine.

Any cartoon I offer in my selection can be re-drawn to your requirements. Cartoons can also be colorized like the above sample and visit my online cartoon portfolio to get a feel for my colorizing and drawing style if you are looking for a customized cartoon.

Reel In Their Attention With Fishing Cartoons

Cartoons used in an “outdoors” section of a newspaper will enhance any columns or written features. Fishing cartoons in your magazine would also be a great addition to a humor section. These kinds of cartoons are also ideal for use in calendars, on posters, in print advertising and also to accompany chapter headings in a book. Cartoons always attract the eye to the focus of your content.

Getting Hooked On Using Cartoons In Your  Professional Projects

If you have your own ideas relating to a funny fishing cartoon that would be needed for a project, send it along.  I can provide you with a rough sketch and a quote based on how you intend on using the cartoon. Since each “usage” is different, it is impossible to give a finite quote since other variables affect pricing of custom cartoons. These variables include your timeline needed for the cartoon, whether or not you need the image in black & white line art or in color etc.  This is why I always emphasize specificity when inquiring about custom cartoons and images needed for your project(s). Don’t hesitate to ask any questions, I am here for you and good luck on catching that state record when casting a line in your favorite spot! And you may also find more angling cartoons here on my outdoors  cartoons catalog.