Fish Cartoons

fish seahorse

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Fish Cartoon Humor

Fish cartoons have been a favorite creative endeavor when drawing a cartoon. I don’t know what it is about fish but they are interesting to create and seem to seamlessly flow from the pen onto paper. Many of my panels I offer in this collection depict various fish related humor. Humorous single panel gags ranging from tropical pet fish, to seafood fish and the type you catch in rivers and streams. There is an ample variety available for you to review and hopefully find humorous and funny enough for your projects.

Cartoon Images Can Be Modified Based On User Needs

Many of the single panel cartoons  you find here are in black and white line art but like I have emphasized in many of my previous blog posts and on my custom cartoon portfolio page, you have much flexibility.  Some of this offered is actually being able to colorize existing cartoons that are available here. Tell me which one and use the reference or tracking number correlating to that specific cartoon. I work in Photoshop, so any high resolution image file will be opened and then formatted according to your specifications. You also have other options such as having the caption underneath that image which appeals to you but would speak better to your readers or audience if the caption was slightly changed or altered to your topic or event.

Custom Fish Cartoons

Planning a print ad to promote your tropical fish store? Need images created for a print advertisement that promotes a fishing event? There are a wide variety of images to choose from in this portfolio of gag panels and you might also consider them for commercial items such as calendars, posters, apparel or digital usage. A blog about fishing is also ideal for using these kinds of images and your written content will have a greater impact when accompanied with good humorous graphics. Fees to have custom work created vary and are based on a variety of factors such as a deadline you may have, or whether or not you want color or black and white line art or to have something completely re-drawn.  Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions pertaining to having artwork created and if there are questions regarding any image presented in the catalog of gag panels here. Simply click the link at the very beginning of this article for complete access to my work. Thank you.