Firefighter Cartoons

Firefighter Cartoons

fireman cartoonFirefighter cartoons are one of my favorites to create and I offer them here on my site for licensing. Many ways to use my cartoon humor can be considered. Ideally, a cartoon that is used in a power point can help to convey a message to your audience and that single line drawing will be remembered as added humor that made an indelible impact on the audience.

Cartoons About Fighting Fires

Think about the ways a fire department might generate some interest in a local newsletter that is distributed throughout the community. Would a cartoon get additional  attention? Of course it would! You could use any of the firefighter cartoon panels that I offer, as part of a calendar perhaps. Don’t forget I offer alot of flexibility in that I could colorize any of the black & white line art cartoons which you could then add to pages within your calendar you’re planning. Or you might have a print advertisement you’re preparing in which you’d like to promote an upcoming event that involves your department or volunteer fire department. That clerly place cartoon next to the ad or atop the advertisement or actually within the ad, would help you get your message across! There are so many other ways in which your department can use cartoons aside from what’s mentioned here. Other uses include:

  • Facebook Fire Department Pages
  • Promotional poster for an upcoming event or gathering
  • Assembled into a coloring book to hand out for teens or youth
  • Use a cartoon within an email you send to your clients or community
  • Your department logo – I also specialize in custom cartoons
  • Your department business cards or use on greeting cards for local community
  • T-shirts to promote a your department picnic
  • Your department’s web page
  • Safety meetings can also use humor added on a bulletin board etc.
  • Your department manual that clarifies your community guarantee and useful tips

This is a small handful of ideas with which you should consider the use of firefighter cartoons. You might also see a cartoon in any collections accessible through this page which might work in a colorized format used for a special project, don’t hesitate to ask about that. Questions can be answered and any of the gaglines can be changed to better suit the project you are working on. I also specialize in custom cartoons which are also another option besides licensing any existing cartoons presented here in my firefighter cartoon collection.