Female executive cartoons are available for web or print

female executive cartoonsFemale executive cartoons can be created for your next publishing project.

Whether you’re project involves a book, an article or story about women in the corporate sector or if you have a woman who is retiring from the corporate world, a custom cartoon can be created!

When I began to draw and submit my single panel gag cartoons to magazines, I quickly realized how important the trade journal publishing world was.

There were (and probably still are!) dozens and hundreds of corporate or business magazines, newsletters and corporate newspapers that cater to business.

Cartoon humor depicting women in corporate cartoons

My discipline was to create a steady stream of business cartoons which I began to submit to these publications. As time progressed, some editors mentioned including women as leading characters within the cartoon.

So I went into adding women CEOs into my panels, or showed cartoons where the lead executive at a board meeting is a female.

It only made sense and I could see the big picture when editors began requesting this. The trend began years earlier when more and more corporate human resources began hiring women as part of the team in many corporations.

Cartoons content featuring women in the corporate world can be customized

I have a lot of women executives portrayed in my business cartoons collection and am also able to re-edit any of those cartoons you see to something different. Perhaps you’ll see one that looks better where a female cartoon character replaces the central male character. Maybe you see a caption below a specific cartoon that would be a better fit for a message you want for your company or readership.


Specializing in female executive cartoons is my forte and I’ll assist you with any project requiring a cartoon for your book, poster, social media, web page and more. Ask any questions you may have upon initial contact. I am here for you!