Farmer Brain Cartoon

Farmer Brain Cartoon

Farmer brain cartoon I have on my Zazzle store has me perplexed! Check it out. It’s a pretty basic cut-away that shows the various lobes in a human brain but then I farmer brain cartoondesignate specific lobes that cater to certain work ethics of the American farmer.

My only question is why this cartoon gets so many different sales on various items I have put this cartoon on.
The cartoon appears on coffee mugs, greeting cards, buttons, coasters etc. I personally didn’t really think it was that funny when I first did the illustration. I felt that it makes more of a statement…although in my vain attempts at creating a half-way decent looking human brain I just uploaded the cartoon to my Zazzle store page and picked out the various items I felt the cartoon looked acceptable on.

Some cartoonists who run images on various Zazzle stores may have noticed the same thing and question why one particular cartoon seems to be such a good or popular item. My “Anatomy Of A Farmer’s Brain” greeting card is one of them. The same design seems to sell fairly well on other items like neckties and t-shirts. It has me perplexed, since as I say, I just never thought this image would be popular.

Some cartoon images I’ve created have me perplexed as to their popularity and this is one of them! It seems as though I always get that email update from Zazzle that notifies me of a sale and I always get the suspicion right away that it has to do with this particular brain cartoon.  Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t that I don’t appreciate a sale on Zazzle.

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