Facebook Vacation

Facebook Vacation

facebook vacation
Facebook Vacation is a term that comes up when someone wants to take a break from the social media platform. It doesn’t mean you need to deactivate Facebook but simply take a Facebook break.  I’ve created quite a few Facebook cartoons that poke fun at users of the platform or cartoons that make fun of the social media giant. The ideas come rather easy because I have been proficient in being a “Facebooker”.

I think I registered my account almost ten years ago, A bit mind-boggling in a way because I rarely keep track of time like that. I did notice though, how fast time can pass if you spend enough time on any of these social media platforms like Facebook itself. I take an annual sabbatical of vacation from Facebook every year though.

It’s a necessity I think, and a way of keeping my sanity. I don’t actually log onto the platform with a phone, which I think would be terrible (too easy to be even more prone to logging on and sharing stuff). I use a desk top computer for my cartooning business and find that the social media platform is a great way of finding new ideas, concepts and gags for creating new cartoon panels and strips.

My personal reasons for taking an annual departure from Facebook  concern time. My best time to use Facebook is usually the winter months when I’m spending more time inside and the days are short. If I think any of my connections may need a laugh or I feel one of my cartoons has a message I can share, I usually post it.

I rarely take pics of food or similar posts you’ll find on the platform. I feel that’s better left to the foodies out there…something which I’m not. After the recent pandemic, I was noticing I used Facebook to get most of my news, as many connections shared the same views as myself. I was keeping track more what others were thinking than I was.

I also notice how much of a vortex the platform can be where I get into lengthy conversations that take up a lot of excess time and have taken me away from drawings I should be focusing on. If someone can suggest ways to better approach the use of social media without having it affect your creative process, it would be great to hear.

I could use your suggestions in a future blog post right here on the Toonblog. In fact, my time on a social media platform is always better spent formulating new articles for this blog….have any ideas or topics you’d like to see here?  I’ll definitely put them on here! And lastly, not just Facebook but even Instagram etc. means any social media vacation can be a “good thing”….