Facebook Advertising Cartoons

Facebook advertising cartoons will attract attention to your Facebook message. If you rely on Facebook to attract visitors and traffic to your business services and / or web site, have you considered the use of cartoon humor?facebook-advertising-cartoons My cartoons have been used by other professionals in the past, where the cartoon content they’ve chosen has appeared on the Facebook page.


This may be a promotional tactic you might consider for your own page or web site. Cartoons have been used in numerous ways, in print and digitally. And nowhere more that Facebook could images like mine, attract the right traffic to your site!

Cartoons are a better investment than speculative Facebook advertising

Why? Simply put, it’s a proven fact that cartoons attract eyes to specific parts of pages and content. Images have an impact and cartoons are no different. The popular platform that’s become ingrained in everyone’s psyche and promotional business acumen called Facebook is no different.

Cartoons versus adverting

As for purchasing advertising on Facebook, I personally have a hesitation. I am not certain how effective ads are, and whether or not my ROI would pay for itself. Bidding on a cost per click and supplying a credit card number from which this social platform can charge me seems like such a gamble.

I never understood how to choose an actual demographic that coincided with my chosen ad, how much to actually bid per click, and whether or not that chosen price would actually guarantee me any “worth” in getting a response. However, if a potential Facebook user wants to have a custom cartoon created for Facebook business pages, this may just be a better bang for your buck and I can guarantee you a better return on investing this way since you’ll be guaranteed what you tell me to illustrate, is what you’ll get. Then you can pout the illustration or cartoon on your page and let it attract visitors. And I don’t continually charge you for people clicking on the cartoon so there will be NO apprehension!