Face Mask Cartoons
face mask cartoons

Face mask cartoons have recently been on my production output, for obvious reasons of course. I’ve been wracking my mind looking at news stories and reading the newspapers in order to generate anything funny in regards to good corona virus cartoons that will have an appeal. It seems to be a ripe subject matter for cartoon ideas and I have gone off on many tangents in order to create logical concepts on the topic. Seems as though every day there is something new about social distancing or how to avoid in getting the flu bug.

The overall concept of wearing a face mask presents some prime examples of humor and probably some day in the future, these cartoon gags will somehow appear odd to the viewer or difficult to understand. But right now, I’ll continue to keep creating these ideas and using the thinking cap to see what other types of ideas I can conjur! When you browse the cartoons in the gallery of cartoons below, make sure to enlarge any cartoon by clicking the little ‘X’ in upper right corner when clicking the thumbnail. To close any cartoons after you’ve click on the thumbnails, just click the lower ‘X’ on the lower right side of the enlarged cartoon, and you’ll go back to the gallery.

Just refer to the number of the cartoon that is of interest, or supply a description of that work and it will help me locate the comic where I have them stored in the appropriate folder. You might also see something that can be altered or changed to fit your book or newsletter or whatever usage you plan on using the cartoon for. Tell me what needs to be re-drawn or changed and I would supply you with a rough sketch of the work for your review.

If you like what you see, I would then give the artwork an inking and then supply you with a high resolution image file, based on how you intend to use the work. Email dan@danscartoons.com with any questions.