F-Bomb Products

f-bomb productsF-Bomb products were the farthest thing from my mind when I started cartooning on a full time freelance basis. Although the f-bomb has become famous….actually infamous since it has been embedded as the “go to” phrase for those frustrated people who have no other outlet….other than using it to express their inner most feelings.

F-Bomb Products Include Coasters!

Over all the years, no matter what venue I have found myself in, the ubiquitous “f” word has popped up. It’s been yelled, hurled in slurs, hate speech and even as a form of “love”! Go figure. The f-bomb has it’s deserved placed in the annals of Americana verbiage and in doing so, also deserves it’s own special cartoon or cartoonish-looking logo. That gave me the idea to create something people can identify with and use on stickers, magnets and t-shirts.

Cartoon logo featuring the ultimate curse word

Why not? People either love it or hate it and for those who hate hearing it, this logo is for them and  a great way for anyone that hates hearing it to express that feeling and make it known. I have many other cartoons on products at my various Zazzle stores. I’ve chosen to partner with Zazzle for their east to maintain stores and their simple yet effective SEO tactics for store owners to use in self promotion.

T-shirts featuring the f-bomb

Another positive aspect when browsing Zazzle is the fact they offer buyers alot of chances to purchase items at big discounts. When logging onto the Zazzle store offering my F-Bomb products, note on each item for sale, such as my coasters, or my magnets or stickers, there is a red highlighted text that offers the potential customer a fifteen percent discount off the listed price. That text has a code and usually is red in color…look for it!

Cartoons are a great visual to use on products and I urge anyone interested in looking to place their creativity on gift items to consider setting up a Zazzle store. If you are viewing this page as a corporate owner and want to have an idea created, I specialize in custom created cartoons and humorous illustrations. You can also browse my website for cartoons you could license directly for use on your own products or apparel, and hope you consider these various options I offer. As always, don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions in advance.