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Executive Cartoons

Executive cartoons have always been a part of my repertoire or “creative output”. Drawing cartoons that depict characters in offices, or workers in the corporate realm are a favorite gag panel cartoon I have created for years. Ever since my days of selling cartoon panels to business publishers like Dartnell Publishing that was / is based inexecutive cartoons Chicago or selling cartoons to the Connecticut based Bureau Of Business Practice that produced dozens of different kinds of business related newsletters, I made it a point to continually create these types of cartoons.

My basic business cartoons were always kept in circulation to a wide variety of small or regional business publishers and I had managed to sell work to other larger more well known publications like Barron’s Magazine.

Other ways in which my corporate cartoons like these can be used, are in a digital format. That format includes any usage like on your Facebook business or company page, in a Twitter send-out, perhaps in your LinkedIn blog posts or to accompany text in a promotional email you might send to business associates who you promote events to.

I offer flexibility to you in the form of changing the gag lines underneath any cartoon if you tell me what to change. Not only that, I can re-draw or create an entirely new cartoon similar to the one you may have found in this particular catalog.


I’ve learned a lot about offering flexibility, in that it creates a more direct and open line of understanding among the both of us. This also includes the pricing structures throughout my site. Not everything is etched in stone so to speak. My fees are simply listed as a starting point for you to keep in mind and to work from. Uses for cartoons vary, and with those variables in mind, I also understand that budgets differ.  Take your time browsing and don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions. Thank you for looking!