Executioner Face Mask Cartoon

executioner face mask cartoon
Executioner face mask cartoon humor has recently been on my mind along with a lot of other variations for cartoon ideas I’ve been writing. This one is the usual goofy type of single panel gag cartoon and whatever kind of life this humor has, is anyone’s guess. The times of Covid-19 are very frustrating right now. No one seems to know how long the virus will last, how much more of an impact it will have around the world or even if a vaccine can be developed to curtail its effect on people.

Maybe some good light-hearted humor will be something that can shed some light on the subject and alleviate some of the stress people are feeling. Especially with people now rioting in the streets about police brutality.

More ideas similar to this one will be added to the mix as soon as I can ink these rough pencil sketch cartoons and many will be colorized. If you have ideas or samples for other face covering types of cartoon humor, feel free to send them along to my dan@danscartoons.com and I am always available to create new promotional cartoons – custom illustrations for your professional projects. Are you packaging masks for distribution? I can create a fun cartoon character for your packaging that will attract attention. The same cartoon could be used in promotional literature, social media or in your print advertising you are planning! No project too big or small, just provide me with in-depth details on what you have in mind and I could call you if we need to talk. Provide me with a number to call you at and I’ll get back to you immediately. I don’t include my business number on public pages so as to avoid spam callers.  Thank you