Funny eskimo cartoons

eskimo cartoonsEskimo cartoons are available from my web site and it dawned on me as I perused old tear sheets of Editor & Publisher magazine’s ‘Syndicates / News’ section when I stumbled upon this self syndicated feature article.

As you’ll see, yet another cartoonist was actively bypassing the big syndicates and taking a chance on selling a comic strip feature through self syndication. Robin Heller’s cartoon strip Mukluk was already appearing in 17 newspapers and this feature had caught my eye because of the fact it had slick lines and decent writing. It was one of the eskimo cartoons that was being offered to the newspaper market at that time.

Eskimos and the cartoons they appear in!

I often wonder what happened to the features and the cartoonists that created them. Does anyone know Robin Heller’s current status? No, I don’t like cheating and running to Google at the drop of a hat, but if you have any feedback, feel free to contact me and update me…I can add your information as an addendum / follow-up to this post.

Eskimo cartoon samples available

While we are on the subject of eskimo cartoons, I’ve made it a point to create lots of related eskimo cartoon content and will share a few links to favorites I’ve done in recent years. Visit these following links:

Lapdog cartoon

Bartender asks if drink will be on the rocks

Arson inspecor is lost in arctic

And don’t forget the Northern Tissue!

sixty two below zero and she buys Kool Whip

My favorite rapper? Definitely Ice T!

Luckily we have a large freezer!

Before this global warming I never knew what grass was!

Instead of slippers a dog brings ice skates to owner

Thanks for visitng these eskimo cartoons! The cartoons I am showing here are all black & white line art cartoons but are available for modification such as colorizing cartoons if you wish, or the caption can also be edited to your desire, possibly to refer to the subject matter of a blog post you’re writing. Perhaps on the subject of global warming? And as I’ve also emphasized in previous blog posts, I will re-draw any image if you request it.

If you have ideas for new similar kinds of cartoons, I can definitely take a look at your ideas. As always, thanks for visiting!