Emphasize cartoon ownership for your cartoons

emphasize cartoon ownershipEmphasize cartoon ownership when you get requests for licensing and reprinting your cartoons. Now more than ever, it’s important to communicate clearly with anyone interested in using a cartoon or certain cartoons you’ve done, for reprinting or use in their professional projects.

It doesn’t matter what kind of usage, whether they may be requesting using that artwork in a book, or on a t-shirt, coffee mug or also a poster or other kind of professional print project.

Cartoonist credit on cartoons

In the early days, I wasn’t aware of the potential abuse a cartoon could experience because I was more impressed with the actual “selling” process and seeing my cartoon work in print or used in a professional project.


So many times cartoonists are more concerned with selling their artwork as opposed to negotiating cartoon copyrights and that important issue may get lost in the shuffle. Don’t let this happen! I’ve previously written about granting cartoon copyrights although another important element in granting permission for cartoons is making certain that a proper “credit” accompanies the material when reprinted.

Note along the top of the image that the cartoon character is pointing to, which accompanies this article. A proper credit line can include the cartoonist’s name or even your web site’s URL which would act as a form of symbiotic promotion.

Cartoons published should get proper credit to the cartoonist

Readers of the book or compilation, blog page etc. where ever your cartoon panel appears will take notice, and many times may navigate to your page or site to see more of your work. If they like your cartoon, which they probably will! Why? The editor or consultant who included your cartoon in the first place, liked the humor….so why not his or her readers or followers?!


You just never know, but any kind of short, concise line of credit you feel comfortable with may work. Other times, I’ve requested : “Cartoon courtesy: (your URL here)” and it’s generated an ancillary response so keep this in mind!