Delivering Cartoons Electronically By Email

Electronic Cartoon Delivery

Electronic cartoon delivery being featured in this article in the ‘Syndicates / News Services’ section from Editor & Publisher’s August 1990 issue seems relatively laughable now. electronic cartoon deliveryBut long before cartoonists became enthralled with the use of technology in their cartooning business, sending cartoons by email almost seemed like science fiction.

I am guilty of being a ‘creature of habit’ myself, after I was literally forced into taking the leap into learning and using technology in order to send my work around the globe, and now looking back, I wish I’d jumped ship sooner in the early 90’s!

By reading this article, you soon realize many newspaper editors just had not or didn’t want to make a full transition into accepting cartoons electronically. Creatives were just not certain about the use of computers in the publishing business.  Four of the big syndicates operating back then had signed up only a very modest number of papers. Seems publishers were still used to working with photostats of cartoonist’s work. This all seems so comical now because the contrast in comparing today and going back to 1990 is like night and day. Tribune Media Services vice president for electronic information products Tim Brennan is also quoted in the article “there is quality reproduction on the cartoons…it would never work if it were otherwise” when sending cartoons electronically to their clients, back then.

I can bet if you mention the word “photostat” to any editors now, electronic-deliverythey’d look at you with that deer in the headlights look! Although I was a bit perplexed to read Lisa Klem Wilson saying into the first part of the article “We decided to get out of it – hopefully on a temporary basis – it may have been a bit before it’s time”. Mind you she was the national sales manager for United Media which was the parent company of United Feature Syndicate and Newspaper Enterprise Association.

It all seems so bizarre now, and yet it’s a very interesting read, and wanted to recap this content for those who may nonchalantly be taking their pc, laptop or Mac for granted. Use your technology to your advantage!